Dr. Jon A. Sperling


Associate Professor
Ph.D., University of Wisconsin
Office: Remsen 9 – (Tel: (718) 520-7657)


Selected Publications:

E.C. Morgan and J. A. Sperling 2007. New Species of Dracontium (Araceae) from Iquitos, Peru. Aroideana 30:1-3.

Morgan, E.C., J.A. Sperling, and L.K. Leon 2006. Variation in the Traditional Uses of Dracontium in the Vicinity of Iquitos, Peru. Aroideana 29:152-157.

Morgan, E.C. & J. A. Sperling 2005. The Bryophyte Flora of The Cranberry Bog Preserve, Suffolk County, NY, With Notes on their Distribution. Evansia 22(2): 78-84.

Morgan, E.C. and Jon Sperling 2003. A Survey of the Bryophytes of Shu Swamp Preserve, Mill Neck, New York. Long Island Botanical Society, The Quarterly Newsletter 13(2):pp 25 & 28.

Sperling, J.A. and E. C. Morgan 2003. The Bryophyte Flora of Cunningham Park and Alley Pond Park, Queens County, New York. A New Flora From Old Specimens. Evansia 20(1):11-14.

Vegetational Analysis of Leeds Pond Preserve and Commentary on Habitat Restoration, 30 pp. and supplementary checklists of The Vascular Flora of Leeds Pond, 10 pp.,

Bryophytes of Leeds Pond,2 pp.

Salt Marsh Diatoms of Leeds Pond Preserve,2 pp.

Freshwater Diatoms of Leeds Pond Preserve, 3 pp.

In, CONSERVATION SURVEY, 1993. The Science Museum of Long Island Leeds Pond Preserve, 1526 N. Plandome Rd. Plandome Manor, NY 11030

$21,100 grant funded by the Institute of Museum Services.

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