Undergraduate Research Application

Savage-Dunn Laboratory Research Application

Please fill out the application and return to cathy.savagedunn@qc.cuny.edu.


Name:                  ___________________________________________________________________

E-mail:                  ___________________________________________________________________

Major:                  ___________________________________________________________________

Expected Graduation:                   ______________________________________________________

Post-graduation plan (e.g. Med school or Grad school):                __________________________________

Biology courses completed:      


Schedule (Spring 2019): I am available for two or more hours on (check all that apply):

Mon morning    ______                               Mon afternoon ______

Tue morning      ______                               Tue afternoon   ______

Wed morning    ______                                Wed afternoon ______

Thu morning      ______                                Thu afternoon   ______

Fri morning        ______                                Fri afternoon     ______  

I am interested in full-time summer research in Summer 2019. Yes/No

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