Biology Colloquium

During term, our Department hosts an esteemed biologist each Wednesday.  The visitor gives a lecture with Q&A, beginning at 11:00am in room D139 in the Science Building.  All faculty and graduate students are welcome to join the visitor for lunch afterwards, and to schedule one-on-one meetings with the host.  Look below the current schedule for those from past terms.

Spring 2014 QC Biology Colloquium Schedule


Queens College Biology Colloqium Schedule, Spring 2014

Feb 5 - Isaac Wirgin, NYU Langone Medical Center – Biology and Management of Atlantic Sturgeon as Distinct Population Segments
(Host Waldman)

Feb 19 - Janet Nye, Stony Brook University – The Role of Basin-scale Oceanographic Processes on the Abundance and Spatial Distribution of Northeast US Fish Stocks
(Host Waldman)

Feb 26 - Lin Mantell, St. Johns University – Oxygen, Friend or Foe?*
(Host Zakeri)

Mar 5 - Edward Kennelly, Lehman College – Medicinal Plants Used by Minority Groups in China
(Host Lahti)

Mar 12 - Elizabeth Alter, York College – A Lens into Oceans Past: Molecular Insights into the Ecology and Evolution of Whales
(Host Waldman)

Mar 19 - Jerry Chipuk, Mount Sinai Hospital – Life and Death Decisions Involving the BCL-2 Family and Mitochondria*
(Host Zakeri)

Mar 26 Eric Moss, Rowan University – Heterochronic Genes and Developmental Time
(Host Savage-Dunn)

Apr 2 - Shige Song, Queens College – Evolutionary Theories and Sex Ratio Variations in Humans
(Host Dennehy)

Apr 9 - Joshua Rest, Stony Brook University - Fitness and Modularity of Stochastic Variation in Protein Expression Levels
(Host Boissinot)

Apr 23 - Iva Greenwald, Columbia University – Regulation of LIN-12/Notch and LIN-45/Raf During Vulval Cell Fate Patterning in C. elegans
(Host Melendez)

Apr 30 - Tony Wilson, Brooklyn College – Sexual Selection and the Evolution of the Major Histocompatibility Complex
(Host Lahti)

May 7 - Ryan Raaum, Lehman College – New Perspectives on Human Evolution in Africa from Population Genomics
(Host Boissinot)

May 14 - Erika Crispo, Pace University – The Evolution of Immune Response in Fish Exposed to Varying Levels of Aquatic Pollutants
(Host Waldman)


Past QC Biology Colloquia

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